TeamSpeak Info

Port: Default (9987)
Password: No password currently set.

Download TS3 Here:
View our detailed setup guide here: TeamSpeak Setup Guide

Guests are welcome on our server. Please read the rules listed below.

Failure to follow the rules may lead to a ban.

eGO Voice Code of Conduct

  1. All eGO rules listed in our server Code of Conduct apply to our voice server
  2. Avatars must follow our general Code of Conduct
  3. Push to talk is recommended for voice communication
  4. Voice changers / voice masking are not permitted
  5. Music Bots and other forms of playing music are only permitted on where all parties approve
  6. Be mindful of other users – don’t record / stream without prior knowledge (IE don’t be a witch hunting punk)
  7. Leadership members have the final call on all TeamSpeak admin actions

Be sure to disable notifications when receiving a whisper so you are not interrupted during a global server announcement.
Settings -> Whisper -> UNCHECK Always show whisper history when receiving a whisper