Code of Conduct

EdgeGamers Public Rules (Forum & Server) – Last edited by Legend on 7/8/18.


  1. No disrespect tolerated. This includes excessive swearing and the use of any racist, sexist or homophobic term.
  2. All names, sprays and avatar icons must be PG-13 rated.
  3. No drug references in names, chat or sprays
  4. No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits or hacks of any kind.
  5. No server disruption, including: griefing, mic/chat spamming, trolling or intentionally interfering with teammates.
  6. No recruiting for other servers or communities.
  7. No names, chat or sprays that advocate or oppose a political stance, terrorism or religion.
  8. Website URLs will be permitted in players names providing they follow our Code of Conduct. Any URL advertising racism, pornography, or pose a threat or harm will be afforded the W/K/B policy.
  9. No impersonating admins.
  10. No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server.
  11. Admins have final say in server.


If you have any questions or concerns about our rules, a disagreement with one of our admins, or a situation in our servers, please use our “Drop Box” or contact a member of leadership in “TeamSpeak“.