Our leadership team, which consists of Managers, Senior Managers, Community Managers and the Executive Team (Chiefs), is responsible for keeping eGO running like a well-oiled machine. The Executive Team, lead by the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for all community wide decisions regarding policy and our relationships with the world outside of EdgeGamers, while the Community Managers focus on the direction of our gaming divisions and advise the Executive Team. The Managers and Senior Managers are responsible for the daily tasks within the gaming divisions we support. Each member of leadership volunteers their time to make our community the number one location for gamers to connect with one another. Without the experience and dedication of these members, eGO would not be as successful as it is today.

Executive Team (Chiefs)

Austin “LegendChief Executive Officer
Adam “AdamChief Operations Officer
Don “GardenGroveVWChief Information Officer

Community Management

Arbiter, Director of Operations
USCG Hammer, Admin Training & TF2
xValence, Media & General
FirezFury, Member Services
Mayhem Death, Counter-Strike
Jade, Minecraft
jtipton., Battlefield
Summer, Grand Theft Auto V
oey192, Tech Team
Covert, Tech Team

EGO Leadership Staff

Beemermarine, Senior Manager
Horton Hears a Who, Manager
Major Trubble, Manager

Custom Stats, Senior Manager
Hydra, Senior Manager
Larry_Da_Lobster, Manager | Admin Training
peloc, Manager | Event Coordinating
ShayneManager | Event Coordinating
Peoples People, Manager | Admin Training

Destiny 2
Power_Outlet, Manager

Grand Theft Auto V
Inkery, Senior Manager
RedDragonKnight, Senior Manager
Jay, Manager | Server Development
jordy, Manager | Event Coordinating
JollyDoctor, Manager | Emergency Services
Oblixion, Manager | Recruitment Coordinating

Witch_Doctor, Senior Manager
Foxy, Senior Manager
BUTTERLOVER7683, Manager | Admin Training
Tea, Manager | Event Coordinating

Team Fortress 2
DrkChocolate, Senior Manager
Jeff7890110, Manager | Support
Hotdogs, Manager | Support

World of Warships
2sl0w, Senior Manager
M4A1-S, Manager
Mulligey, Manager

Member Services
Andrew, Senior Manager
Divine, Manager | Event Coordinating
3dsam1, Manager | Event Coordinating

Coder, Senior Manager
Dr. Havok, Manager | Polling
Thorium, Manager | News & Writing
Architect of Life, Manager | Social & Support
december, Manager | Graphics
Cloud, Manager | Video Production

Major Events
Aaron, Senior Manager

Tech Team
Gabe, Senior Manager
SmeaR, Senior Manager
crc1225, Manager
ThundrRok, Manager | Battlefield 
freshmeathead, Manager | Team Fortress 2
Drewerth, Manager

Board Members

Board Members are tasked to monitor the growth and direction of the organization while providing key insight and ideas to the upper Management and Executive teams. Board Members do not have direct day to day involvement in the management of the organization. Members of the Board, frequently referred by as Directors, are responsible for appointing a Chief Executive Officer.

Artimus, Chairman of the Board
Kendle, Board Member