Our leadership team, which consists of Advisors, Division Leaders, Community Managers and a Board of Directors is responsible for keeping eGO running like a well-oiled machine. The Board of Directors, lead by the Chairman, is responsible for all community wide decisions regarding policy and our relationships with the world outside of EdgeGamers, while the Community Managers focus on the direction of our gaming divisions and advise the Board of Directors. The Advisors and Division Leaders are responsible for the daily tasks within the gaming divisions we support. Each member of leadership volunteers their time to make our community the number one location for gamers to connect with one another. Without the experience and dedication of these members, eGO would not be as successful as it is today.

Board of Directors

Mike “Artimus” Board Member
Austin “LegendBoard Member
Adam “AdamBoard Member
Don “GardenGroveVWBoard Member

Community Management

Razor, Personnel Service Center
alex2142hp, Battlefield
BlackAngel, Counter-Strike
Michael Bolton, Garry’s Mod
FirezFury, Minecraft
oey192, Tech
USCG Hammer, Support

EGO Leadership Staff

Personnel Service Center
Sloppie Division Leader
Helpless Glint Division Leader
Cyclone Advisor
M4A1-S Advisor

ARK: Survival Evolved
owlbearturtle Advisor

jtipton. Division Leader
skyjacker4 Advisor
Horton Hears a Who Advisor

Mr. Boe Jangles Division Leader
Yehhp Division Leader
BoltAction Advisor
Mayhem Death Advisor
Squrl Advisor

Day of Defeat
Superglue, Division Leader

Garry’s Mod
Satan Division Leader
BoomShaka Advisor
Nodellsz Advisor
ZinDuo Advisor

Grand Theft Auto V
RipplyTiger151 Division Leader
H0LLYW00D Advisor
BigTram Advisor
Summer Advisor
Envious RG Advisor
Nick Halden Advisor

idk_lobsters Division Leader
Jade Division Leader
Foxy Advisor
Daa Advisor
Witch_Doctor Advisor

Team Fortress 2
Emmy  Division Leader
Minty Division Leader
PepperRabbit  Advisor
Dianite Advisor
DrkChocolate Advisor

Media Personnel
SigmaMX Advisor, Social
Dr. Havok Advisor, Community Polling

Tech Team
ThundrRok Tech
freshmeathead Tech
Gabe Tech

Line Staff
2sl0w Division Leader