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    Default BAR server question

    has ramadi been taken off the rotation? cause ive wondered why i havent played on it in awhile. no biggy, just wondering.

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    No don't think so, if it has just nominate it, thats how i play Karem all the time =P

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    well today i got on and usuely ramadi was after allabah, and now its haditha, and i saw the server was on maps like office and sinjar and was just wondering if the server had been chaged, i nwas confused lol.

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    There was talk about removing ramadi on vent the other day.

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    i have post doing with eG understand them al
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    Quote Originally Posted by !EpIc fAiL! View Post
    i hope not. it was a great map.
    But it wasn't (isn't?) popular with the pubs. It really hurts when half the people leave the server when it changes to one out of three maps.

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    we put Haditha in Ramadi's place. This is just a test to see if we cant get that server going again.

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    So wouldnt the server be BAH now?

    Though I suppose BAR sounds much more appealing.

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    Yeah I like this new rotation, really brings in the pubs more.

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    when i played on ramadi it was half full to full when i was on. But im fine with haditha, i just dont want sinjar on that rotation.

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