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    Default Your Class Stats

    I've had a few people ask me how I know that I have healed more than 15million health points. Well here is how I found out.

    Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your TF2 folder:

    Then find the file tf2_playerstats.dmx and open it in notepad or wordpad.

    Scroll down until you find the section on the medic, and locate the total heal points:

    You can find all the stats for every class in this file.

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    Does this mean you can edit your 'Personal' stats? For example, you could have 500 points as a Soldier or whatever else like Spy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xzero View Post
    Does this mean you can edit your 'Personal' stats? For example, you could have 500 points as a Soldier or whatever else spy.
    was just thinking that lol..

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    Ooo... thanks Woodstock! I asked him this in Lazytown today... I'm going to bet some of my stats are pretty interesting.

    Apparently my Kill to Death ratio as a soldier is 5:1
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    And now all the sudden I am besting woodstock by 100

    Now it's 5,000,000. WHAT NOW?!

    Puny little numbers! MAKE BIGGER I MUST!
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    I get really confused by this, because it says that i only have one class with total negative kills, yet my HLstats say otherwise, since i play almost exclusively on eGO servers.
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    hmm, quite interesting. anyone with any update on editing your stats?
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