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    anyone play LOTRO? if so i have a quick subscription question....i want to start playing this and im on the trial. but i cant afford the $300 lifetime payment. if i get the special which is $30 for 3 months or $60 for 6 months. could i renew my account for that same amount at the end of the 3 months, or will that option still be available?

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    the way most MMO's work is you pay re-occurring fee that is automatically charged to your account based on how you set up the payment plan.

    So in this instance unless you canceled your account after 3 months they would bill you for another 3 months.

    At least that's been my experience with MMO's, the way they do things at Turbine could be different. Hope that helps.
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    hmm, i thought it was like this...the $30 is for 3 months of play and after that if i dont pay another $30, my account is unactive until i do pay. cause im not going to pay $300 for a game thats just way to much.

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    The way it works is you pay the $30 for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months, if you do not select cancel my sub. it will automatically charge your card again. So yeah, if you want to you can just pay the 3 months, and immediately cancel the subscription, it won't affect your account until you are out of time.

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    As long as you dont do the end suscription fee, I would think it would just keep billing the same amount to whatever billing status you chose.

    I didnt think it was that fun when I did the trial... but hope you like it.

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