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    Cool Tonight in Blackmesa

    Here's how the game ended:

    About 7 hours of play, all pyro. Now everything aches from sitting so long.

    Amazingly enough, I was only dominated once. Only one arrow deflection headshot too. Coincidence?


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    Hahahaha, there are so many of these threads anymore

    finally passed my deaths, yay for skill development!

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    good job think you should have taken a break
    jk i do that to.

    Stinginggore :D: whatever
    Stinginggore :D: clearly
    Stinginggore :D: im stupid
    Stinginggore :D: dont you put me in your sig
    BodyBagger: Now that u say that i will
    BodyBagger: now in my sig
    Stinginggore :D: i hope you die now
    Stinginggore :D: im such an idiot
    BodyBagger: lo0ol
    Stinginggore :D: WAIT DONT SIG THAT
    Stinginggore :D: everything i know is a lie
    Stinginggore :D: god im so frigging stupid
    Stinginggore :D: dont even think about it

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    I give you credit for playing 7 hours in a row...Nice score too...Too bad I wasnt in there to dominate you =D

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    why would you want a life
    if you can play pyro on BM

    impressive stats

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    Nice. I would like to say a put a hearty chunk of deaths into the score

    Quote Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
    Same reason you leave wadded up tissues around your room...

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    Good job.
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