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View Poll Results: favorite non-popular map?

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  • haditha

    7 25.00%
  • karkar

    9 32.14%
  • ramadi

    5 17.86%
  • samwah

    4 14.29%
  • any other i didnt get

    3 10.71%
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    Default favorite non-popular map

    idk is this already a poll. what is ur fav. map other than sinjar, alamden, burhiz, baghdad?

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    I personally hate Sinjar so i try to join Marine side to help out. but other then that every other map is more then acceptable.

    Armies have spent a lot of time and effort training their soldiers not to think of the enemy as human beings. It's so much easier to kill them if you think of them as dangerous animals. The trouble is, war isn't about killing. It's about getting the enemy to stop resisting your will. Like training a dog not to bite. Punishing him leaves you with a beaten dog. Killing him is a permanent solution, but you've got no dog. If you can understand why he's biting and remove the conditions that make him bite, sometimes that can solve the problem as well. The dog isn't dead. He isn't even your enemy. - Orson Scott Card - Empire

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    ya what i mean by non-popular, is the ones that arent on the rotation, the ones u have to RTV.

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    Karkar needs a bit of work to help the Marines get out of spawn and have a reasonable chance for taking Alpha, but overall it is actually a pretty well balanced map. The main problem I've seen with it is that most people see the map and immediately jump to the Insurgent team, stacking things against the Marines. If the teams are balanced it makes for one hell of a fun challenge.
    K98k totin' kobold

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    I love Karkar and I especially love the marine's side.

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    ya. i have won plenty of times as the marines on karkar. like i tell everyone who complains while im playing as them...USE TEAMWORK! IT HELPS! lol. if everyone just runs out there then yes it is almost impossible for the usmc to win. get ur snipers and saws to say back and low and give covering fire to the ppl moving up. and to the people moving up, take cover, move from cover to cover. also the snipers should call out enemy postions. on the next sunday school, karkar should be the map we practice on.

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    karkar all the way baby!!!!
    Watch out for that NADE in the TANK!!!

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