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    Default TF2 Meet and Greet

    The TF2 Event Coordinators would like to invite you to our next event:

    Hosted by: SLoppIE & The Machinist

    With Special Guest:

    =(eGO)=™ tiddy
    TF2 Division Leader

    Time: Monday, April 27th at 9pm EDT
    Password: cordial

    Come meet your fellow TF2'ers!

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    Wish i could go Thats a fine looking banner! Where did you get it?

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    Depending on if I forgo Heroes until 9, I might be there.

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    erm i don't play tf2 much but i wouldn't mind attending xD

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    I'm definitely going to try to show up. Any idea how long the event is going to run?

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    i'll try to be there
    =(e)= BoomShaka : Who wants some popcorn? xD
    =(e)= Colonel Popcorn : No thanks, I gave up cannibalism.

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    I'll be there. I want to get to know my fellow eGO'ers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ubersauce View Post
    Depending on if I forgo Heroes until 9, I might be there.
    Double that

    my youtube channel

    My tf2 backpack


    I'm no rodent, I'm a lagomorph.

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