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Thread: 20 hours gone

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    Default 20 hours gone

    The forums were re-arranged by mistake and we had to re-arrange them. So, everything you have had to say, pm, shout, or post in the last 20 or so hours has been lost. Tiddy has all the info you need on this. Please be sure to send him a PM asking Tiddy to give you some detail on this.

    For PM's that were important, you can go to your sent box and if they are not there then they should be resent if the issue was not fixed.

    For instance, the meeting PM that I sent out was not restored.

    There will be a meeting on Friday Night about T-Shirts and Sponsors. Or was it Sponsors and T-Shirts. I am getting old and forgetful.

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    That's awful, but glad to see you guys got it up-and-running again.

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    Yes everyone, it's true.

    Last night I discovered time travel.

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    Tiddy, thanks for all your hard working in fixing this problem!
    You'll be getting an April 22nd award soon, right?
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    Thanks guys, I know running a website for 15000+ members is probably pretty stressful...

    Just letting you know its very appreciated by your members!

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    You know, the last time I lost 20 hours, I'm pretty sure it was during Mardi Gras in '04.

    Actually... tiddy, can I use your time travel device to travel back to Mardi Gras in '04? I'd really like to know what happened then.
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    20 hours is not that bad. Glad it is back.

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    Default What should Tiddy's punishment be?

    Hmmmm we havent decided yet what his punishment is going to be, but in the meantime make sure to send him a pm asking what exactly did he do to travel back in time. Also ask him how the hell can he take a toothpick and totally destroy and blacksmith's anvil.

    Oh Tiddy we wont be to hard on you

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    great job getting it back up so fast. We all thank you! Hopefully my recruits from tonight will come to the website now that its up

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