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View Poll Results: Do you like this new unlockables system?

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    Default Do you like this new unlockables system?

    I want to play a FPS not an RPG. The fact that you "find" items that you already have is ridiculous! I played at 9pm till 1:46AM and only got 1 unlockable, which I already had, where some people joined and instantly got an unlockable.

    I vote no.
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    Heck no. I read over at the Steam forums they're suppose to explain the new unlock system tomorrow. I like the Milestone way. After only playing like one hour I got like 6 Sniper Achievements.

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    I still don't know how it works, so, "don't know".
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    Finding items is fine. I like that it totally eliminates farming. That's a huge sigh of relief for admins everywhere.

    However...WE'RE GETTING DUPLICATES! I had all the weapons, never deleted any. Tonight, found the backburner and sandman. Hoo-freaking-ray. Valve wants to implement, in the future, weapon drops with random stat changes. That's not in the game now, so why is duplicate dropping there? IT'S JUST PISSING PEOPLE OFF! 3 hours of play tonight, I got 2 drops. Both were duplicates. You have a 6 in 18 (6 classes updated * 3 items each, 6 of those items new today) then of getting a new one, 1 in 18 of getting "the one" you realy want (Ambassador for me, or maybe 2/18).

    Thanks Valve. This update was really really enjoyable, actually. Discovering new game mechanics like "minicrits" and flaming sniper arrows setting people on fire was really a lot of fun. But then I realized that the thing I actually wanted most, new weapons, was going to require ridiculous hours of frustration to achieve. You guys really honestly thought THAT was better than farming?

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    Well I am not very fond of the whole idea of items dropping it just doesn't make sense. It will take forever most likely for me to find any of the new stuff, I haven't even found anything nor do I know how this stupid system works. :/ Why does valve wait for tomorrow to tell us how this new unlock system works? Why don't they tell you the day of the update.... This update had epicness written all over it but if it's going to take me forever to find unlockables then there really is no point.
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    I had 11 sniper achievements in about an hour. And yet, after a far longer amount of time playing, I luckily...luckily...managed to get one drop. That drop happened to be the Jarate. I suppose if it was the sandman, or something I already had, I'd be more upset. As it stands now, I'm only mildly peeved. I still voted "no" however; this system seems to be the exact opposite of the former system. Where before people with way too much time on their hands farmed achievements in order to unlock items, now people just randomly get stuff for basically logging on. They've merely gone to the other end of the spectrum.

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    I don't know, don't have an opinion yet because I can't even get on a server lol. I have to say its the most popular update on TF2 so far in the sense that people are flooding steam. Of course the system is not popular... I don't even know how it works.
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    Apparently you can also get weapons in spec too so.. seed dustbowl tonight
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    If I wanted to play WoW.... I would be a freakin' dwarf not a demoman... this system is lame... just purely lame...

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    This needs to go. Now.

    Anyone who says yes are just the people fortunate enough to unlock their spy\sniper weapons quickly.

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