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    Default Warpathians - Fight or Die

    Time to get serious for a moment.

    For the last few months our Warpath server has been steadily declining in activity. Its rank is reflecting this, making it our lowest performing TF2 server.

    Division Leaders and Council need to make tough decisions regarding our servers and our members. This is one of them. If Warpath can't increase its rank by May 20th, it will be taken down.

    We understand Warpath has a strong following within eGO and we hope that you can pull together and help bring Warpath back. It's definitely possible and I know you guys have the potential to pull it off.

    We will always let you guys know about big changes to the TF2 community and allow for civil discussion regarding those changes.

    - The TF2 Leadership
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    I totally understand this. I haven't seen it full in a while now, but when it is.. it's just pure pure fun. Shame, but let's see what we can do.
    Gogo flood Warpath w/ players.
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    Strange, That is the only server I play in, most of the time I go to load in, it is always full. I must idle more then.
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    I love the Warpath server! Will seed a lot more now!

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    target- get warpath up or lose it

    Right, let's do it team! Operation Rubber Ducky is a go.

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    I like the map, and I'll definitely try to put more time in there.

    I searched old topics, and saw that this was discussed, but I wasn't sure how it was resolved. Did eGO ever try changing the sudden death set-up (i.e. to melee only)? I still see a fair amount of people leave when they have to wait for sudden death to be over before they can respawn.

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    Now wait just a second; I need some clarification.

    From gametracker...

    #151. Blackmesa -- Average (past month): 15.5

    #154. Warpath -- Average (past month): 16.6

    Now, I don't really understand how gametracker does it's ratings, as a higher ranked server has a lower average. But Blackmesa still only outranks Warpath by 3 -- which is next to nothing, and, according to gametracker(Of course, I have no idea how accurate it really is), is generally more populated than Blackmesa.

    So, I'm just wondering where the TF2 Leadership gets their statistics(a more reliable/accurate source than gametracker?), or how they came to the conclusion that Warpath in particular needs to step it up. I am in no way 'challenging' leadership, I have full faith that they're just doing what they feel is best for the division, I would just like some clarification or some more information.

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