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Thread: 32 player hud!

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    ugh ... can't get it to work.
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    C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\*USER LOGIN*\teamfortress2\tf

    unzip the file, should be in a resource folder, drag the resource folder into the tf directory. It will ask you 'Do you want to overwrite?' Click yes, and your done. Restart steam.
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    For the ones having trouble installing
    Quote Originally Posted by Zergspower View Post

    To install!

    Go to your TF2 folder, ( i hope you all know how to do that by now=p) then open your RESOURCE folder, inside there create a folder called "ui" without qoutes if you dont have it
    Then dump the file inside

    And as Voided would say.. Blammo! your done
    Thats about as easy as it gets

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    Thanks for the link GGVW I'll give it a checking out.

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    Zergs is quoting Zergs? I suppose, being a hive-mind parasite, that was the logical evolution of things.

    Seriously though, Zergs did bring this to the TF2 division about a month ago. Nice to see it's gone mainstream. It really is a great find Zergie!

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    Definitely something I'll get.

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    Psshh. You have to earn your way onto the scoreboard...

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    How about one for the other games, as well!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nero View Post
    Thanks for all your hard work Kill me :D
    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Herm View Post
    hahahahaha...good stuff. I shot pepsi out of my nose.
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