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  • ...Scout! Need a dispensa here!

    5 4.81%
  • ...Soldier! Are all of you aimin' for a section 8?

    10 9.62%
  • ...Pyro! Huddoooooooooooo! Hudda hudda.

    17 16.35%
  • ...Demoman! Cheers, mate!

    15 14.42%
  • ...Heavy! What sick man sends BABIES to fight me?

    10 9.62%
  • ...Engineer! Yeehaw! Don't that just beat all?

    12 11.54%
  • ...Medic! Come over here! I promise I will heal you!

    15 14.42%
  • ...Sniper! I'm a bloomin' Aussie, not some bloody cartoon character!

    7 6.73%
  • ...Spy. Gentlemen.

    13 12.50%
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Thread: <3 TF2 Classes

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    Pyro. The other classes always seem to be on fire. That just doesn't look like fun to me.

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    Go figure.. I'm the only one to vote for scout.. :D

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    I always feel really good when I lay a trap and detonate it successfully

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    Medic! Come over here! I promise I will heal you!
    more like Medic! Come over here! I promise I will bone saw you!

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    Nothing more satisfying than a one hit kill, no questions asked.

    ~Burning Shadow

    "Yo dawg I heard you like OVERTIME, so we put some OVERTIME in your KOTH so you can OVERTIME while you OVERTIME."

    I have:
    Cheater's Lament
    Ghastly Gibus
    Tyrant's Helm
    Backbiter's Billycock

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    When I want to make people run for the hills, I go soldier!

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    in terms of time played : pyro, engy, medic, sniper, demo, heavy, soldier, spy, scout

    i think lol

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    Spy 270 hrs played, second fav is demoman.

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    It depends on what I feel like and the situation. Engineer is my most played class and how I got to rank 140ish by playing engi on Blackmesa (V2T3). But I like Soldier and pyro, spy is okay, and I will ALWAYS use scout for Gravelpit.
    xosniper: like ive said before, I would line all of you up side by side, Zero first. Slap the **** out of him and watch the domino effect of nubs falling down
    xosniper: and then I would rejoice
    Whisker Biscuit -KT-: should quote that
    xosniper: do it, its a great quote because it is true. I would take all of you out for ice cream after ofcourse, I'm not a complete ****

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    Whatever you do, never eat anything Zero711 offers you.
    Even if it's cookies.

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