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Thread: 2 week dip

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
    Both? TF2 and DoD? I guess you could if you had two monitors...
    I play TF2, DoD:S, CS:S, and I rarely play INS. CoD For xbox, along with GTA 4 I am playing a lot now.

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    Yeah, why the dig at people who play singleplayer games? I'm still addicted to the Half-Life series and I play that to no end sometimes.

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    i eat sleep and breath css i cant play singleplayer anymore cause i get lonley and feel like a loser in css i know people which makes it 10000 times more fun which is why i love eGO

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    well put john

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    12:44 PM - =(eGO)=™Darth: still cant believe you kept me up awake till 1:30 am last night
    12:44 PM - =(eGO)=™Darth: i was late for school
    12:45 PM - =(eGO)= SticK!: lol
    12:45 PM - =(eGO)= SticK!: What?!
    12:45 PM - =(eGO)= SticK!: me?
    12:45 PM - =(eGO)= SticK!: noooo
    12:45 PM - =(eGO)=™Darth: yes you!
    12:50 PM - =(eGO)= SticK!: im eatin
    2:50 PM - =(eGO)=™Darth: how long you going to be and whats more important? entertaining me or living?

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    Dawn of War II campaign was short but multiplayer is still good! but I still put in my 60 hours of tf2

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    It is fun to play a game with a plot every now and then and to explore levels that are completely new and dangerous. I played through Portal last night again (only takes a couple hours). For hours of entertainment though you can't beat eGO type games. Oh yeah, Insurgency is free so the value per hour is undefined.

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    Thumbs up

    The one player games are for when you just don't have your game on that day and you are getin' killed by players who arn't better than you... so, you go kill a bunch of bots on that one player game that we stoped playing(or a new game) after we found CoD, TF2, DoD, CS, or INS. Yet, well said JohnT.

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    well when my parents kick me off the comp i go straight to some need for speed for xbox or some medal of honor xD
    but yeah for example L4D came out and then after like a few weeks got boring everyone comes back :D

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