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Thread: The Happy Times

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    Default The Happy Times

    Hello Gamers, it is your Server Weather Man here giving you the long-term server forecast:

    April will be a little slow. We predict that only about 500,000 to 600,000 people will be playing on our servers. That pesky good weather between the freezing cold of the North and the oven baked sands of the Southwest will keep your servers a little slow. And by slow, we do mean slow compared to eGO standards, which means full with a waiting time to get in around 5 minutes.

    May looks a little busier as the Sun starts to force everyone to turn on their Air-Con and wish they had a rig with some sweet cooling in it like you find at iBUYPOWER.

    June, July and August are going to be booming. Schools out bringing loads of pubs trying to hide from the Summer Sun.

    It also brings loads of punks, so Admins, take April and May to enjoy your gaming and get ready to bring out the Hammer.

    This has been your channel eGO weather report. Don't forget to visit our sponsors! Zalman

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    Oh it may have been total fluff, but this post made my day. It's fun to just be totally random and silly.

    If the eGO servers are going to be slow this month, I'll be around to fill and seed them up, soon as my new computer is assembled.

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    polishing my hammer now...gotta clean the blood from this season off

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    haha don't worry the summer will bring tons of people servers will be very full :D

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    lol john very gd, you should think of a career change

    My website
    Featherfoot07: I wondered how you knew about that for a second, and for a brief second forgot you were an advisor.....

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    Yep, I'll be pursuing my hobby of biking during the summer more often, but that should be made up for by not having school, so I'll only be less active until schooool's out for SUMMER *guitar*
    Known as Ecnal in BC2 and Hikarikuen in Minecraft.

    Warning: this post may contain sarcasm, which is known to cause cancer, birth defects, and confusion in the state of California.

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