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    You should not be going on witch hunts looking for hackers. But if you do have a demo you need to send us, send it to

    In the Subject Line you need to put the name of the game you took the demo in and your ingame name.

    In the body, you should put in text what made you think they were hacking and how sure you are they are hacking. Kills are important. Conclusive moments should be noted. Be sure to include the name of the person you are demoing and what you suspect.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Also, PLEASE make sure the demos you submit have actual kills. Nothing is more annoying then watching 18 demos with 7 of them not killing people

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    Here is a basic form i thought might work for this.
    Game: Which game it was in TF2/COD/DOD/ETC........
    IDSteam_id/ in game name/) something to ID them out of game
    Time of demo: At what time of day did you take the demo
    Server: What server it was on.
    Reason: Why you think the person was hacking or reason you want the demo reviewed.


    Game: TF2
    ID: Dieinpeace
    Time: recorded Yesterday around 10:30 am MST
    Server: Warpath
    Reason: Aim_bot/ Speedhack.

    Please send all Demos for review to

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    make sure to put what division!
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    Will do.

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