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Thread: 2 week dip

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    Default 2 week dip

    If you are not MAUL verified we cannot set up your admin on any Steam Game.

    Click on the big round MAUL button or look for it in the tabs across the top of the page.

    We are running close to 40 servers ATM and we cannot keep up with 40 DB's. So we use MAUL. If you do not get verified, there is nothing we can do to help you.


    Ever notice that there is a two week dip in numbers when new big games come out? Nothing like dominating a Stand Alone game. Then what do you do? Turn back to CoD, TF2, DoD, CS, or INS? Yep, that's right. Welcome back pumpkin. Sorry about the 50 bucks you unloaded on that one play thru game. Zalman

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    Well said JohnT! Remember that eGO will be there after you finally finish the new hottest game...

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    Just finished F.E.A.R. 2? Now what? Play against real AI, the most powerful AI ever. Actually its not really an AI, its an online game hosted on an eGO server!

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    Who says you can't play both?
    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    No I'm thinking what I'm thinking.
    So you're not thinking what I'm thinking?
    No cause you're thinking I'm thinking what you're thinking.

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    Both? TF2 and DoD? I guess you could if you had two monitors... Zalman

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    Very true about always coming back to our online games. Games like TF2 or DoD are very hard to get tired of.
    P.S. - You'd need 4 hands to play on two computers at once....:p

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    well evolution isn't working fast enough they haven't even got out the third hand yet let alone the fourth

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    Heh, the same happened with me, of course. L4D came out and gave me a good month (shocking, I know) of non-TF2 filled nights. Subsequent months were filled with TF2 and eGO and such, but I still have that game if I feel like a change it gameplay...

    Does anybody know about any future releases that are potential "two week"ers?
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    I don't understand what this is about. Did someone make you angry?

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