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    Frisky - This needs to be official you know...

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by !Woodstock! View Post
    Frisky - This needs to be official you know...
    My bad...LOL.

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    Challenge Title: Clearing the Forest
    Challenge ID: 45
    Main Point: As a sniper, defend the intel three times in one life using only melee.
    Other Info: Maybe hide in a corner after
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    Shrimp on the Barbie
    Kill 10 Scouts/Spies with the kukri after they have tried to kill you from within 10 feet.

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    Achievement Name: Teamkiller!?

    Description: As a pyro air blast a rocket that is launched from behind and blast it forward and kill an opponent.

    Additional Bonus: After that take out your axe and show them how much you really rock.

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    Decided to come up with nine more for you! Each one revolves around one of the classes, so you will be dipping in all sorts of waters here.

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