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    Oh, don't get me wrong. I LOVE sawing.

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    Im good at knifing people as spy, but for some reason the uber saw seems to send me in the wrong direction as if the swing it self takes to long to perform...not sure.

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    Nice score, shortly after I was in that game and had a pretty good score, like 180 or something as medic. Better than what I did today, but I sawed alot more spies than last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by !Woodstock! View Post
    I had one life 21 minutes long, healed over 19,000 hps, deployed 14 ubers.

    The only thing that is lacking is the extremely LOW amount of kills I had, very disappointing.

    good job, I dont have a pic of my best time becasue it was so long ago, but to confirm it all anyone would have to do is go to my stats page and look at medic

    you have me beat at least,

    Most health healed:17,530
    Most ‹berCharges:12
    Longest life:22:30

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    I love medic, I'd like to get better, but jeez. I'm miles behind you guys anyway. Tips..that's what I'll need.


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    The proper way to medic is to kritz pyros. Non-stop.
    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    No I'm thinking what I'm thinking.
    So you're not thinking what I'm thinking?
    No cause you're thinking I'm thinking what you're thinking.

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    Woodstock I would like to highlight who is on the top of red score and who is on the bottom of blue... and yes we were in the server for the same amount of time.

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    Your welcome for that screenshot Josey.

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naismith View Post
    Wow, very impressive. How'd you manage to stay alive that long? I feel that if I live for more than 5 minutes, that I must get some sign above my head saying "KILL ME IMMEDIATELY"
    Haha! Then I think I must come out of spawn with this sign over my head

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