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    Default Proper Way to Medic

    Calling all the career medics. Show us your best times as medic. Pics required for proof.

    Last night on Warpath I had a good match. I played for just over an hour and this was the result:

    I had one life 21 minutes long, healed over 19,000 hps, deployed 14 ubers.

    The only thing that is lacking is the extremely LOW amount of kills I had, very disappointing.

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    As for lack of kills, yes, I know, as medic your primary objective should be to get kills of course!

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    what sick man sends babies to fight me?

    nowhere near the healing/ubers. I went hardcore with blutslaughter for a while
    My Spy video:[ame][/ame]
    My scout video:[ame][/ame]

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    Wow, I like playing Medic and I thought I was decent, I gotta start taking lessons!

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    I usually just suicide with my patient lol


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    Kill Assists - Medic 460 medic kill assists.
    Ubercharger 186 ubercharges.

    all I have, no screenies

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    sweet pics guys, im a poor medic which is y i usually dont play as medic.

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    Wow. I can't even come close thats some ridiculous scores, GJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by !Woodstock! View Post
    I had one life 21 minutes long, healed over 19,000 hps, deployed 14 ubers.
    Wow, very impressive. How'd you manage to stay alive that long? I feel that if I live for more than 5 minutes, that I must get some sign above my head saying "KILL ME IMMEDIATELY"

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    Bah thats just your opinion woodstock. I like to saw and needle people first, heal second

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