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    Default Tutorial - "Steam Add ME" Link

    *** Notice: At the [/URL] tags i had to put a space between L and ] in order for it to not work. Please remove the space if you are copying the format. ***
    Questions aroused on how to make a steam add me link, where you click it to add a user.

    Finding your Community Account ID

    I. First, you need to find your community account ID.
    1. Go to Community.
    2. Click on the Home button near the address bar.
    3. A long number will appear in the address bar. Copy it.
    For example, mine:

    Creating the Link
    I. After finding and copying the community account ID, you will need to make the link, so when people click it steam will add you. (it just makes a normal invite btw)
    1. Here is the normal steam add me link:
    2. As you can see, 76561197984866361 is my community account ID. The moment you press that link, steam invites the person. Its the same thing as pressing the "Add Friend" button, or "Players -> Add Friend".

    Posting the Link

    I. Take my sig for example. Look at the click HERE link.
    1. To add the link to you signature or anywhere online, simply type
    into a post . On the forum (for example), you can create a Hyperlink.
    2. Hyperlinks are used to shorten a URL into words, which in my sig i used HERE as my hyperlink.
    3. To create a hyperlink, click on the Chain Link looking button called "Insert Link"
    4. Enter your URL. The URL will show up in the post as
    [URL="steam://friends/add/76561197984866361"]steam://friends/add/76561197984866361[/URL ]
    A. Change the steam link better the 2 URL tags (the second link) to words. For example:
    [URL="steam://friends/add/76561197984866361"]Click here to add me on Steam Friends!![/URL ]
    Click here to add me on Steam Friends!!

    Screenshots (Step by step):

    Thats it for my tutorial, looks at my signature to see an example of a steam add me link.
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    Personally, I prefer to link people to my steam page since people already added me by mistake. :p


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    Now featuring screenshots.
    Thanks for all the comments!

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