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    Yeah, Everyone reply so we know this is true.!!!

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    wow thats awesome news

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDj View Post
    yaaaaa but we only get an avarage of 600 players on our servers, although i bet more then that play when slots are availbale but look at the LIVE EGO SERVER STATS never actually seen it max'd for a long period of time.
    Yea, that's also true, but your not counting the fact that, not all of eGO play at once. 300 may be the regular number but they arn't the same 300 that were there 5 hours ago. Maybe several are, but they just love the game. If every 6 hours the 300 on change then within a 24 hour period, 1.200 people would have been on. Even then, 1.200 a month is good. More is always better though, lol.

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