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    Default 15,000 Forum Members

    "What does Uvalde, Texas and EdgeGamers have in common?

    A population of 15,000.

    Congratulations to all of eGO on another great milestone reached.

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    "Why are you a Druid? So that I can let any person in the raid know that I'm only 5 seconds away from being better at their job than they are."

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    we should have our own town. Edgegamersville.

    Ya took too long. Now your candy's gone.
    That's what happened.


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    Some other interesting facts!

    If you had a quarter for every member of the forum, you could buy 75 copies of Call of Duty, World at War. The stack of coins would be 28 yards high.

    If you had a cartridge for every member of the forum, you could fire the Heavy Weapons Guy gun for 1.5 seconds. It'd cost $3 Million.

    Neat, huh?
    You can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much. - Engineer
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    THATS OVER 9,000!!!!! 15,000 of us, pool party anyone? or should i say beach?

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    *gaaaasp* caaaaaan"t breeaaaaath!! It's too crowded in heeeere *breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp*
    I'll be inactive for a while, the "moving people" trashed my graphics card >.>

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    Nice - quick everyone reply once to prove it.
    "Patience - It gets you Ice Cream"

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