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    Default Sorry about my absence!

    I'd just like to let my friends here at eGO know that I'm sorry for being gone so long (if you didn't notice, I hate you). I've been extra busy with school and the holiday season coming up, and quite often our computer hasn't been available at the same time I am, so I haven't had time or opportunity to log into either Steam or eGO. I also haven't played my beloved TF2 in several weeks.

    I see this absence continuing for several more weeks and maybe even a month or two, so I just wanted to let everyone know officially that I'm not gonna be around (I also probably won't even see your responses on this thread. ).

    I trust my job will still be here when I'm ready to come back to it. I love administrating! :D

    Love, The_Mighty_KELP (but please call me Kelp!).

    P.S. If by some miracle I get promoted to eGO while I'm gone and you throw a party for me without me, I hate you.
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    Benuc being silly

    Ithuriel being silly

    Idol, on the scary story contest: [It's] too bad I [missed] this contest, else I would have entered with the shortest story ever:

    > sm_ban
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    lol good stuff.
    sorry things are so busy, but take care of your biz-ness

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    well continue what u are doing and i know ull be back soon

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    Hey, Kelp! Glad to see you're still around! Come back soon!

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    You must hate me then... :D


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    Indeed Kelp, school and personal go first before a game.
    Hope to see you back soon.

    Known as Mr . Bubbles on the Black Mesa server!

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