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    Default had another idea whilest playing as a heavy...

    alot of people complain about snipers being able to take out heavies with just the one shot so... why not make 'The Helmet'

    The Helmet.

    Makes the heavy immune to headshots/OR idea 2) The heavy only recieves 50% of the damage from a sniper shot to the head.

    -25% walk speed OR -25% shooting speed, havnt decided, it could be -25% damage too, or a lower jump height because of the weight?

    either one, it balances the heavy to make him that 'heavy' unit he's supposed to be and not just cannon fodder for snipers ^^

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    whenever I play sniper I feel that a full charged shot to the head should do the damage equal to a anti-tank missile covered in gasoline :D
    Also it would unbalance the games because a sniper's headshot should do the above mentioned damage :D
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    sounds like a good idea as long as it only REDUCES the damage

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