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    Default current server list?

    Hi guys, it's Deadpool here.

    Where can I find a current, detailed TF2 =(eGO)= server list - this way I can have a look at where I might be needed a little more, and also give my input at any meetings we have :D - thanks for the help in advance

    From your Friendly Neighbourhood Deadpool
    Yes this IS Deadpool from 2Fort, The username just wasn't allowed. :D

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    Theres a server listing link on the left of this website, under site navigation.

    Also, when looking for servers that need a little help, I always sort all the servers by name, and =(eGO)= servers are usually up top, and easy to find, mainly because there's a block of about 10 of them, as well as the fact that they're usually about 50 or so down.

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    24/7 DUSTBOWL

    24/7 2FORT


    24/7 GOLDRUSH

    24/7 WARPATH

    24/7 BLACKMESA

    24/7 ARENA MAPS

    24/7 STEEL

    24/7 TURBINE

    24/7 BADWATER

    these arent official some were taken down by the way but this it the bes i can do

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    thanks both of you :D much appreciated
    Yes this IS Deadpool from 2Fort, The username just wasn't allowed. :D

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    This thread is the first Stickey on the Division Announcements page. The server images listed are linked to the actual servers. This means, when the Council decides to change the map that a server runs, the linked banner will update as well. The banners show current server population and rank. Hope this proves to be helpful.

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