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    Welcome aboard Air eGo.
    Today our destination is Gaming Glory.
    To your left is the TF2 and CSS servers, to the right are the COD4, INS and DODS servers.
    Feel free to use them all.
    We also have free peanuts.
    Thank you for choosing Air eGo.

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    haha, I remember you Fairy Princess, you were at some server and we said: A Fairy Princess, now we will win xD. Anyway very very welcome to eGO

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    Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    Please go back to welcoming the new member. :D

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    Let me be the first to congratulate you on joining!

    ....okay, so I'm a bit slow.... :o

    =(eGO)= KelpTheGreat: I've almost filled all the chests with coal!
    =(eGO)=|Canii: YASSSSS
    =(eGO)=|Canii: Gotta fill Aqua's stocking at christmas somehow

    Benuc being silly

    Ithuriel being silly

    Idol, on the scary story contest: [It's] too bad I [missed] this contest, else I would have entered with the shortest story ever:

    > sm_ban
    > [Console] you do not have access to this command

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    helloz, glad to see you hear *mutters outside about ANOTHER pyro* j/k
    | Arthur Ebersole
    | Siameese Chocolate point
    | ???? --- August 2010
    |_________R.I.P you will be missed
    =(eG)= KetchupMoose : derp derp, i'm doomcat. I'm feline and signify an end of things.

    Thereven: Cameras will steal your soul!

    ^ thanks to Byakuya for makeing me an awesome sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple.Huskies View Post
    Welcome. BTW, there is nothing "little" about the clan.
    Except our ego....


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