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    Default Thanks guys ^^ and HELLO! :D

    Thanks for having me in your brilliant 'little' clan youve got going on! really enjoying myself glad my medic/sniper/pyro talents can be a help to you! and im happy to be playing =]

    on another note, im off to bed its 2:45am here xD


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    haha well welcome then. we're always in need of medics to save our skins and then pyros to sizzle them well done.

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    Welcome! :D

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start]

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    Welcome, Princess :D Glad you like us enough to join us. You'll really like it here. Promise. See you on Warpath.

    =(eGO)= Foxhound: we should play
    =(eGO)= TcVinsky: lemme get some bacon

    =(eGO)= NecroNancy: i just hear gravy a lot when i play hahaha

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    welcome glad to have you

    =(e)= G.I. JoeSamo in game name

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    Welcome. BTW, there is nothing "little" about the clan.

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    Welcome fairy princess! Yup more medics are always welcome. However, you stay away from me when you're a pyro!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple.Huskies View Post
    Welcome. BTW, there is nothing "little" about the clan.
    except my stats

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