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    Default eGO Hoodies: Keeping you warm at night and the servers turned on!

    Everyone is encouraged to take a picture with your eGO apparel and post it in the following thread:

    If you are too shy, put the article on a sister, friend, kid or animal. Be creative!

    Orders are still being taken. Donations of $30 ($40 outside of the U.S.) gets you a T and it's $50 ($60 outside of U.S.) for a hoodie. All funds go to keeping the finest punk free servers in the world up and running.

    The sizes we have are: small, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Sorry, all mediums are gone.

    Show the world your eGO pride!

    Thanks to Natalie for modeling and=(e)= Joe [Taiwan] the photographer and =(eGO)= S.Luke [Taiwan] the leader from the [Taiwan] crew!
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    Great post Dom. Well done.
    Before shopping Amazon click the banner below to help eGO pay the bills:

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    I sooooooo need a hoodie...I'm gonna go find some money...

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    Buy me one to Joseph!

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    I'm gonna have to get one of those things one of these days.....
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    I still haven't been told how to give your info when you make the donation to get a hoodie/t-shirt.

    I read someplace that I used to make B-pictures. Hell, they were a lot farther down the alphabet than that . . . but not as far down as R and X. I think any man who makes an X-rated picture ought to be made to take his own daughter to see it. -John Wayne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anders View Post
    I still haven't been told how to give your info when you make the donation to get a hoodie/t-shirt.
    Put your info in the "Note to seller" box in Paypal?

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    Dunno if I'm blind or what, but I can't find where to place orders :D
    I am probably going to get a good ol' T shirt :D

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    If only there was a payment method other than paypal. Being underage I can't create my own account and my parents don't have one so it seems as if i'm never going to get an eGO shirt or Hoodie

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