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View Poll Results: How can I save my favorite server?

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  • A. Idle in the slow times of the day and night.

    25 4.73%
  • B. Play in it as much as possible.

    106 20.08%
  • C. Donate! It makes decisions easier when we have cash.

    31 5.87%
  • D. All of the Above!

    366 69.32%
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    Default Is your server safe?

    Don't forget you have the power to save your favorite server. Zalman

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    i say all of the above i know if i wanted to save a server id do anything it took! thats like of the office server on CS was closing..

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    ya, hopfully my server gets a second change :\
    =(eGO)=™Boer6379{A|R} shakes in fear
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    Play in it! If you have a good consistent group that has an mutual, established love for a server then there is no good reason it should be taken away, because the numbers will follow your group. The beast that is Warpath lives on forever!

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    i leave my comp on 24/7 so i just stay spec when im sleeping/away

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    All of the above because I'm able to do all of the above. xD

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