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View Poll Results: We've narrowed it down to 3. Pick your favorite CoD4 map out of these choices:

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  • Crash/Winter Crash

    85 37.44%
  • Crossfire

    93 40.97%
  • Pipeline

    49 21.59%
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    Default Narrowing Down The CoD4 Favorite Maps

    Thank you for your opinions in the last poll. Now give pick one of these.
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    Ok now I have to say crash and winter crash.
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    Sucks no Overgrown, but Crossfire has even more patented endiment-brand sniping!

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    Dang It!!! Crash Is Still The Best!!!
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    Default Pipeline

    Pipeline is awesome for snipers with skill who use the uav jam, and crazy fun for sniper hunters I love this map cause of theres so many tatic changing areas in it (urban, open field, close quarters, elevation, ect ect) i think its one of the best over all.

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