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View Poll Results: Do you like the new MAUL system?

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    236 63.96%
  • No, i dont' know what it is.

    91 24.66%
  • I don't know how to verify!

    42 11.38%
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    Default Do you like the new maul system?

    Yes no?

    What do you think.

    The new features are going to be sweet when they are done!
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    Yes I like the new system. Its neat.
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    gimme gimme gimme

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    Does the system have a built in cookie dispenser?
    As the banhammer slammed into the hardened earth, the effects were felt across all servers until the end of time.

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    It's a little rough around the edges right now, but I'm sure it'll be worth it's weight in gold (or bacon if you're a shoutbox regular) when it's finished

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    I want MORE! :D:D

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    We always want more, but until then I'm going to figure out the current one :D .

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