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  • Give us our Ribbons and Medals back!

    238 58.77%
  • Game Specific Banners! I want it to feel more homey!

    127 31.36%
  • Other, see comments!

    40 9.88%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cr@sH View Post
    That is a great idea! I'd vote for that over ribbons every day.
    I really like that idea too. Since the site has been combined, there's a lot of people I don't know because I don't know what division they're a part of.

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    I love that idea. Nice one Melkor.

    Baron made this sig, hooray for him.

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    Ribbons and medals were awesome, if we can get those back that would be great.
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    i voted ribbons, yet after seeing the divisional badges i'd change my vote. nice work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by .[BORN]2kill View Post
    Is there a way to have a navigation link like this (the one at the top): "EdgeGamers Organization > News Central > Polling Center" at the bottom of the page as well? So when I scroll down a large thread and want to click back to a part of the forum I do not have to scroll up first...

    Agreed, it really makes surfing the forum easier....less scrolling.
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    So when is this poll done and we get our ribbons and medals back?

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