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  • Hate it!

    31 8.81%
  • Love it!

    59 16.76%
  • Love it without the freeze cam, Thanks Slayr!

    85 24.15%
  • It's okay, but needs tweaks.

    75 21.31%
  • I don't play DoD.

    102 28.98%
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Thread: DoD Update

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    Default DoD Update

    What's the official EdgeGamers word on the Day of Defeat Source update? Zalman

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    Love the updates, hate how i keep getting kicked from strand.


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    hate it, but not as much since the freeze cam is gone. but my sensitivity is all out of wack. everything seems too sensitive and i gotta adjust.
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    Love the update, but hate the freezing cam
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    the cones are off, and in some cases unrealistic. you shouldn't be able to headshot someone with a thompson from 30 yards.

    to be honest if someone with a thompson even looks at you now you are dead. which forces you to get the drop on them. other cones of fire are "alright"

    piano in ava creates quite a choke point for the allies forcing them to the bottle neck in the alley. not a tremendous problem but a significant notable advantage for axis.

    other than that it's business as usual. we will adapt and overcome.
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    Needs tweaks, and not having freeze cam is a improvement

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    I think it's good..

    But I don't like the freezecam at DOD:S only on TF2 (Thanks for removing it) .

    But I think you gives to much damage with the thompson now?...

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    I haven't tryed yet cuse my comp is still messed up!!! but beta wasnt that bad
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