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    JeebusOwnsYou - Xbox 360

    Anyone play GTA 4, Bad Company, CoD4 on Xbox 360?
    "What is the freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman Rushdie

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    Mine: felonTR
    im not original :D

    currently hooked on NBA Live 08, when i get bored of it, i play GTA4 or CoD4
    [ame=""]for he's a jolly good felon[/ame] by Lostprophets

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    Blocker Boyz

    My xbox is broke, and my Live runs out Sept. 1st 08. Sad sad sad, I pay >$300 and it does not even work. Tsk tsk. Will never buy a Microsoft system again.
    Formerly known as Cr@sH.
    aka banks/sokO
    meatshot 8)
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    I don't have a xbox but if you have a ps3 and plan on buying littlebigplanet or resistance 2 pm me and ill give you my psn name

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    Cryptex410 :D

    JohnT: I just bought $97 worth of toilet paper through eGO Mall.

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    9:12 PM - Dr. Death: you know what else is motivational?
    9:13 PM - Dr. Death: my nickel-filled sock

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    FieryDaemonX-the real demons occupied
    I mostly play COD4 and Halo3, but right now im going through Ninja Gaiden 2

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