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View Poll Results: Who set up the eGO private Beta Test at Valve of Left For Dead but didn't get to go?

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  • Lafinass

    282 72.31%
  • Dominion

    68 17.44%
  • GardenGrove

    91 23.33%
  • Romantic Death

    55 14.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Who set up eGO's Private Beta Test of Left for Dead?

    This is a sad sad story. Zalman

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    Have no clue that this even happened. Therefore random guess.

    18,657,791 HPs Healed.

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    Ah, just found the news.

    18,657,791 HPs Healed.

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    i for one read the news! ducky!

    One shot, Two kills.

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    awww bummer...

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    Aw, thats not cool.

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    I hate you, but I'm not going to dance.

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    Do I gets cookie for reading news and getting answer?
    I only regret that I have but one sandvich to give for my medic.

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    Good deal fellers
    Hoodie: Knew*, wow, I feel dumb.

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    I voted all 4. Owned..100% chance of winning
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    hey, i'm in southern california! let me know next time and i'll go! please? i'll buy you a round!

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