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View Poll Results: How is the Harpertown running with 4 instances?

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  • Great! No Issues!

    123 52.79%
  • As good or better than our old boxes,

    63 27.04%
  • It's ok.

    32 13.73%
  • I am having issues with it.

    15 6.44%
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Thread: New Harpertown

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    I've been noticing some lag when i get into big fire fights, but otherwise it's great.

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    it does lag at times, especially in the 2fort low grav one.

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    It works fine!!!
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    I love the new box. On the stats thing I don't play for points. I like to see if I can beat my weekly score of kills every week:D

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    Working just fine for me... Just a little lag in the original 2fort, but that's another story... Keep up the good work!

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    Which servers are on the new Harpertown? I know late last night we were having some lag issues on the new Well CTF server. We were getting this strange hiccup where hitting Q to quick switch weapons wouldn't work (it'd just automatically switch back to the first weapon).

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    The Harpertown Box has:

    2Fort Instant Respawn
    Dustbowl #2

    I have noticed a hiccup here and there, but nowhere near anything like we had before. And it could just be because of GoldRush on those occasions. Other than that I have had no issues.

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    Duck is right. ToyFort is not on the New Box. But it might be on the New New Box Zalman

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    I've been playing on the 2fort instant respawn a lot with no issues. Well, besdies the occasional lag, but I just figured my internet was all screwy.

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    I haven't had any issues at all. The new box is great! Woot keep up the good work!

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