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    wal-mart security seems really interested...pedophile!!!! lol jk man, yea death, post a pic! mr. spammer

    When I grow up I want to be,
    One of the harvesters of the sea.
    I think before my days are done,
    I want to be a fisherman.

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    LOL...Rocket chump..... Wal-mart is too young to be a pedophile
    Remember no to punch me cause im sensitive and bruisse easy !!! - SCORPION KNIGHT
    ...haha. I'm funny - P.T. Flea[7]

    I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you Capt. Malcolm Reynolds

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    LOL...Rocket chump..... Wal-mart is too young to be a pedophile

    no i think its nothing like that, cuz im just curious what the people against and with everyday look like, its kinda weird putting faces with words hehe
    When you're left with only a bullet
    I'll bring a trigger and a promise to pull it
    I'll be the end of everyone who's ever entered your life
    And taken pieces out of it

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    Since some of my pics are hidden in the eG forum, I'll put a couple up here:


    Yours truly with an HK XM-8 prototype.

    AWW WHERE DID YOU GET THE XM8?? I thought the project was cancelled.... I wanna shoot the sniper version.... =(

    Lastly, one up in Arizona. Schmexy.

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    Try and catch me.

    "The innocent shall suffer - big time. " ~ Inignot.

    "Hmmm... I smell a missile. No, can't be." ~ Space Ghost.

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    Yah Here are some action pics of me playing goalkeeper for my High School Soccer team.
    Me hitting the ball with my face and nailing two of their players

    Me about to punt the ball really far

    And the granddaddy of them all me rejecting a free kick

    You can't really see my face in these but whatever

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    Heres me last night at the Orange County Fair after getting kicked off strand by MOE while making a drink and going thru HLSW making sure things were going smoothly. Thats gratitude for you...

    The good news for MOE is that I won a stroller full of prizes for my daughter to love and dog to destroy. You lucked out MOE! 8)

    Pressing "W" non-stop til Victory or Death.

    ~est. 2000

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    [quote1186170746=Luke Groundrunner]
    Master of Puppets...

    The Dynamo are the single greatest sports team to grace the houston area. I'm guessing that you live near houston since you also like the Astros. I got to go to the 2006 MLS Cup. It was insane.

    And i will put a pic up here later

    HELL YEAH! I was born in Houston, spent the first 8 years of my life there. I live in Austin now, but I make it back down to Houston for Dynamo matches once every few months. I'll be at Robertson on the 25th!

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