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    Quote Originally Posted by Stick View Post

    We both have the same headset, badass.
    "I will destroy your planet!!" Darth Vader, Man many times...XD

    Fight my Brute!! Become my pupil :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by |-NeoN-| View Post

    Meh.....Yeh, I'm tough!

    Nah, jk.
    Cut your hair HIPPIE!!! LOL :D

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    Me when i first joined eGO (Stolen from page 60 of this thread)

    Me Now In all my Scruffyness :D

    Who knows what the next picture will hold!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vote for pedro View Post
    lol why did you resurrected the one? its like 3 years old!
    i don't know pure Bord ness?:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonD View Post
    This is me about 2 months ago....DragonD

    dragond is the man.

    Ya took too long. Now your candy's gone.
    That's what happened.


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    My nephew and I. Cute Kid.

    camera phone via kinda sucks...

    There are three names you have in life: One that you inherit, one that is given to you by your parents and one that you earn.

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