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    haha paul
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    Well since almost everyone else have there picture here i suppose i also should put my picture in the forum.......

    Thats me about two months ago.....the only thing thats changed is the hair....

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    My 6' tall Swedish fiance'...

    Me, in my infinite coolness...

    My fiance's ring, which is white gold now...

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    It's the me!

    You know you heart my charming good looks and crazy muscles.

    EDIT: My name is not Tessa, thats the artist lol.

    One shot, Two kills.

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    There are no sizes larger than XXXL
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    awww bummer...

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    you wouldn't like me when i'm angry....

    winter 07, badaling:

    and my icon is me two weeks ago. the spots are gone now, and the hawk is green

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    ^this is me w/ reg hair

    ^my fav pic by far

    ^me after growin out my hair for 1 year
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