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    Well, on the only other forum that I frequent, there's a "post yourself" thread wherein members post pictures of themselves. I don't know if this is against your rules or not so I suppose I'll give it a try; it's always really nice to see who I'm playing with.

    Please: No nudity, no obscene gestures or any other shenanigans.

    Here: I'll start:

    This is me at the steps of my school back in France.
    War Is Hell

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    i already posted this pic, thats my best friend on the left, my prom date in the middle, and me on the right. i was pretty wasted, dont remember this picture being taken... good ole prom!

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    [quote1181782797=Mein Kamphy Chair]
    Methinks you had liek one or two too many. o.o;

    Me (clicketh!)

    Nice monitor, I want one of those.

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    [quote1181791645=Baron Rojo]
    This is me My Many Forms


    omg that is hilarious!!!!!!

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    lol Baron!!!


    R.I.P. Tech Sgt. Starbuck July 14th, 2009

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    lol im the one on the far right bein randy savage, my dad is taking the pic and im standing next to me mother

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    Me at 19, in the Navy in 1975.

    Me at 37, I played stand-in guitar in my Dad's bluegrass band, and a couple of local country bands. My miter saw accident prevents me from playing now...

    Me at 47, along with my wife.

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