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    One Giant eGO

    The Power Of eGO!

    24/7 =(eGO)= Donner =HLstatsX= 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |2FORT||HLstatsX|*Recruiting! 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= CHARLIE AKA STRAND =HLstatsX= 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |DUSTBOWL||HLstatsX|*Recruiting! 31/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= AVALANCHE =HLstatsX= 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= Flash =HLstatsX= 31/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |TURBINE||HLstatsX|*Recruiting! 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= Kalt =HLstatsx= 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |WARPATH||HLstatsX|*Recruiting! 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |TOYFORT||*LOW GRAV*|HLstatsX! 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= Palermo =HLstatsx= 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |DUST2|FinalBattleGround|NO AWP AUTOS|66 Tick! 35/48
    24/7 =(eGO)= |BLACKMESA||HLstatsX|*Recruiting! 31/32
    24/7 =(eGO)=|HIGHSCHOOL|FinalBattleGround|NO AWPS AUTOS| 19/40
    24/7 =(eGO)= |GOLDRUSH||HLstatsX|*Recruiting! 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |2FORT||*INSTANT RESPAWN*|HLstatsX| 32/32
    24/7 =(eGO)= |PrivateServer||*Recruiting! 14/24
    =(eGO)= *Recruiting* 7/40 Zalman

    Support eGO. Click below when shopping Amazon:

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    DANG!!! That is a lot of servers. Thanks again for continuing to add new servers and make the clan better!

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    481 people at once??? NICE!!
    "I'm gonna kill that **** spy to death" - Pub with a forgotten name
    "The real talent is with MrAlgebra and his Ubersaw" - Jehuty
    "I hate you... you're too good with the Ubersaw" - Pluto_Moon
    "It always seems like MrAlgebra is behind me.. and it's generally because he is." - Monkeybits
    "Edgegamers has not yet perfected the technology to send encrypted black one-eyed Scotsmen through the mail.....yet" - Manana
    "I come home to find random limbs laying about" - PurpleNurple

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
    One Giant eGO

    24/7 =(eGO)= |TOYFORT||*LOW GRAV*|HLstatsX! 32/32
    Since when is Toyfort Low Grav? I will probably be in that server ALWAYS with low grav!

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    O.O .... wow.

    "FYI - We prefer 'benevolent dictatorship.'" - Lafinass

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    All I can say is that we rock. I have to say that joining this fine organization has been a highlight of my gaming career. And guess what? We are only getting better and bigger. New "e's" and "eG's" left and right. More earning their "O's". All I can say is that is seems as though we are unstoppable. Lets keep the momentum ladies and gents!

    Oo-rah and Semper Fidelis eGO!

    Gung ho!
    USMC 0602

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    Now only if we had more CoD4 players to make it look a lil better ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Artimus View Post
    Mil found a way to hack the raffle. It was just a matter of time.

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