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  • Piano Mover

    49 20.59%
  • Glitch Fixer

    47 19.75%
  • Firebringer

    101 42.44%
  • Hacker Catcher

    41 17.23%
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    love how somepeople think that he can actually stop glitches with fire, yes he can decompile the map, add fire, and recompile it but if its named the same as before, people have to delete the original, and you don't see many people doing that. I have heard him called firebringer but im not sure how it started.

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    It is Firebringer. It was the most important contribution to the early Avalanche map. There was a MAJOR flag glitch and he put fire where it was ruining the game. Then he destroyed the piano with fire and put fire in the other glitch spots.

    He also is rumored to smoke people's computer who make him angry. Zalman

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    Touching fire hurts. Unless you don't belive in fire. Then touch it, it won't hurt you since you don't belive in it. Zalman

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    I heard firebringer because of the terrible gas... never light a match near him
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