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    Default One of the news Pyro guns

    Can be seen in the Meet the Sniper video. I just noticed this after watching it a couple times. here is a screenshot I took:

    Looks like a weird update to the shotgun.

    My guess is some sort of flame bomb, sort of like the Bio Rifle in UT3?

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    I think you are right. If you look carefully just before that frame a blue ball looking object comes out. Looks like the Pyro may be getting some range.
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    Yeah, hopefully it's worth it. I really like the pyro's shotgun, especially against other pyros to finish the job.

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    Even better screen, I moved it along frame by frame but it is definately the new replacment for the shotgun.
    It fires and releases some kind of steam, so I think it could be some kind of grenade launcher/mortar that lights up anyonethat gets hit? Just a guess.
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    yeah it will have to be damn good to replace the regular shotgun imo

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    It looks to be a flare gun...? Possible a napalm launcher?
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    I'd like to see it like a pipe bomb style that shoots a fireball and leaves a big circle of fire on the ground. Can see a pyro or two coating a whole entrance to make every run through fire or possibly to defend a sentry and make a spy come out. We shall see in a few days what it is.

    hopefully its not as worthless as the kritskrieg

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    I suppose Steam feel it is going to be popular if they replace the shotgun for it in one of their video's.
    Hopefully instead of an 'Upgrade' the new weapon slots would be viable exchanges, where you would have to make a tough decision between the two, unlike say the Blutslaughter as the +3 hp when you hit means that it all too commonly replaces the needlegun.

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