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    Default Please be Less Cancer

    Hey everyone, I just felt a need to make this post because I realized a lot of players are being overly-toxic. Not gonna throw names around, but I just wanted to suggest that maybe we should all try to be a little bit nicer when it comes to playing CT side, especially for those newer people on the server who don't understand the rules that well yet. Everyone deserves a chance to have fun and learn the game, but I see so many people get shot for small things like taking a second too long to move markers, or making a small movement during AFK freeze, even though the intention to rebel wasn't there. I get it, some CTs really like to kill T's, and I too used to enjoy being cancer. After some time, I realized all that it does was make people frustrated and not want to play as much. All I'm asking is to put yourself in their shoes, and to question whether or not that person really deserves to die and wait out an entire round. Some of you may find joy in being cancer and stacking up as many kills as possible, but it really does remove the fun for way more people than you think. I feel like if even a few people just gave those a chance who are still learning, the server would be a way more positive place. I learned that it feels just as good to give someone another chance and not pull that trigger as it does to blast a rebel who has been wrecking half the CT team. Save those trigger fingers for the players who are legitimately trying to rebel. I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this as well, and have a nice day!
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    Yeah, seriously. JB is sooo toxic-- that said, you should keep in mind that T's can (and are) toxic as well. Stop rebelling every, single, round and then complaining about it when CT's start being a little more strict. I'm really tired of it. You should all take the time to read these:

    These had taught me well and has let me seen Jailbreak in a new light. READ THEM! Ty and cya around.
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    @Ayaya When the point of the T's is to literally rebel, it's kinda hard not to rebel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaise View Post
    @Ayaya When the point of the T's is to literally rebel, it's kinda hard not to rebel
    This. Not to sound like a smartass or anything, but it's literally in the name JAILBREAK. This may be a little biased (As I play more T than CT now), but it's hard to be toxic as a T besides like what, throwing insults at the warden?

    You're supposed to find opportunities to rebel at every given moment and take those opportunities. That's why it's important to have a good warden who knows how to move the prisoners. It's ok to be a little toxic to stop a rebellion from happening, like shooting those that run out the marker to see if they can grab a gun. But like Dark said, there's a difference between being toxic, like the example I gave, and being toxic enough to shoot people for twitching in an AFK freeze command. Also, being toxic won't stop people from rebelling. If anything, it just makes the whole server mad. Calling freedays is fun for no one and being super cancer eventually leads to both sides not having fun.

    So what's the magical solution?

    Hell if I know.

    But what I do know is that CTs have more control over how the game plays out more than the T's.
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    I get it, but stop complaining when we start using harder commands to prevent rebelling.

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    just gonna put this here:
    As a guard, you must NOT ... Kill prisoners for twitching (small mouse movements) when told to be AFK frozen.
    My input is that some CT's always think that being a super strict guard stops people from rebelling and is something to brag about which is something I disagree with. A good warden is key to slowing down/stopping rebelling. Take notes from one of the best wardens in the game @Jacko and he will let you know.
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    Mhm, very fun when wardens mumble "Take 1 knifing step out of your cell, unstack from your cell partners, face the back of your cell, look directly down, and afk freeze" and I die. Really rate 10/10.

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    It makes sense for Wardens to be a bit more strict when Ts are overly excited about rebelling. The point I'm trying to make and advising against is just being cancer for no good reason, especially if Ts aren't being super rebellious. Playing games, rebelling and LR is what being a T is all about, but where is the fun in being a T if you get killed by some kill hungry CT with an awp pointed at stack, trying to get as many Ts that aren't AFK as they can, before you even get a chance to play some games or try to sneak off. If you are one of those CTs that feels the need to just constantly pick off players for the smallest offenses, please put yourself in the shoes of those you are killing. Ask yourself if you would be having fun if you were the one getting shot for something so minuscule.

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    My opinion since I play both side is that both side can be at fault but if the Ct's chooses to be cancer about the rounds because the T's are being cancer and are rebelling hard and they are trying to keep some peace in the round i'm usually all for it for ct being toxic, but it's different when the t's are behaving then we get these cancer ct who will kill you for every little mistake you make and they look for it

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    T's can be more toxic than the CT's.

    Don't believe me? Look at quake. It's almost every round a T gets into armory or gets outside. There have been multiple rounds in a row where cells haven't even been open and the round ends. Now, I'll agree that CT's control the round more than the T's but come on, don't cry when CT's start being toxic when you rebelled for 5 rounds in a row. It doesn't make it fun for anyone.

    Now, I'll also say this, CT's also have an obligation not to be cancer for no reason. Take spy_vs_spy, it sucks to do race, kill 1, and then do an "easy" cancer jump (it's not "easy" if no one else can do it). Just like easy rebelling every round, this ruins the experience. I'm not gonna name names, but you know who you are.

    And on the topic of that, CT's should be very careful when they decide to shoot or not. It makes absolutely no sense to me to kill someone who accidently pressed a movement key because all you want is a kill.

    Kill T's for things that threaten you or your team, don't kill them for things that don't.

    Honestly feels like that should be a rule.
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