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    Default No Admin In CS:S

    I crossed over from the TF2 side and I have been playing CS:S for a long time on our servers but I don't have admin. Where would I go to take care of this? The new site is pretty large and I'm not sure how to navigate it yet.

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    go to the css recruiting office and go to the transfer section

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    Jailbreak Update 5/10/19

    Plugin added: Hide
    /When in a stack, use /hide to hide other T models so you can see a game clearly.
    /The plugin doesn't allow you to shoot through T's, or do anything game breaking.

    Plugin added: Redie
    /When dead, type !ghost to respawn as a spectator and play games.
    /Ghosts can not interfere with live games.
    /Ghosts can not interfere with alive players.

    Plugin added: Fists
    /Right click someone to disable their weapon.
    /Added a second option with knives.

    Maps will follow shortly.
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    Jailbreak Update 5/12/19
    New maps have been added. We're still working on fixing fists. Sorry for the delay, and enjoy. Any bugs with these maps, please make a proper forum post.
    jb_avalanche UPDATE
    jb_moonjail_v2 UPDATE
    jb_undertale UPDATE
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    Jailbreak Update 5/13/19
    jb_dystopian_b5 - removed - issue with downloading the map.
    jb_moonjail_v2 - removed - issue with downloading the map.
    we're looking into the reason these maps wont download properly. sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Jailbreak Update 5/17/19
    jb_avalanche UPDATE
    jb_moonjail_v2 UPDATE
    jb_undertale UPDATE
    jb_bravo (semi bugged, working on a fix)
    All maps re-added. They are here to stay now.
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    Jailbreak Update 5/27

    New Additions: Maps
    jb_avalanche UPDATE
    jb_undertale UPDATE

    VIP's now have some extra chat tags to play with.
    New leadership fun commands have been added to the server.
    Guard priority has been fixed, and will no longer count into the negatives.
    sm_swap has been renamed to sm_revoke to fix a bug with Advanced Admin.

    New Additions: Warden
    sm_cdstart - Allows the warden to start a START Countdown! (start after 10 sec.) - start without menu
    sm_laser - Allows the warden to toggle the wardens laser pointer
    sm_sparks - Allows Warden to toggle on/off the wardens bullet sparks
    sm_count - Allows Warden to count the prisoners in his field of view
    sm_givefreeday - Allows the Warden to give a ST to a player
    /Faster response times with beacons

    New Additions: Menu
    sm_menu - opens the menu depends on players team/rank
    sm_setdays - open a set EventDays menu for warden

    New Additions: Special Days
    War - CT vs T Team Deathmatch
    Free For All - Deathmatch
    Zombie - CT(zombie) vs T(Human) Zombie attack
    No Scope - No Scope Deathmatch with low gravity
    One in the Chamber - Deathmatch - DM
    Teleport War - Deathmatch - Change you position with your victim on hit.
    Ghost War - Deathmatch - you can see the enemy just for seconds
    Zeus - Taser Deathmatch and gets a new Zeus on Kill
    Torch Relay - Random player set on fire. He must burn other to extinguish the fire

    New Plugin: Gangs
    Ability to create gangs. Max of 10 players per gang.
    Earn credits to earn perks (currently in the testing phase).
    Gangs will replace steam groups in the leaderboard.
    Get notified when a gang member joins the server.
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    Jailbreak Update 5/30
    Added ragdoll remover to the server to improve stability.
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    Jailbreak Update 5/31
    Removed Zeus day to fix crashes.
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    Jailbreak Update 6/2-6/7
    Added Quake back to the rotation (fixed version)
    Added Avalanche back to the rotation (fixed version)
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