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    Default Class Weapon Ideas Thread

    Since Forums are next to empty, ideas on new class items?


    Knife: Knife of Un-Uberidge (Disables an uber if you back stab an ubered medic/person)

    Disguise: Be able to shoot fake bullets when disguised, so when disguised at enemy demo can fake shoot.

    Pistol: Better accuracy/range/power

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    Don't forget, new weapons aren't designed to be straight improvements. Yeah, when you see an ubersaw and a blutsauger, it's hard to really justify using the alternative, but they are still a trade-off of some kind for a bonus of another. The unlockables don't improve the class, they diversify it. So when contemplating new weapons, you should think of some bonus and some penalty the weapon would bring to the class.

    For example, if you cover up a class's weak point (such as a spy's inability to shoot his disguise classes' weapons), you need to take away a bonus (such as a spy's ability to cloak, or only make them able to cloak for X seconds instead of Y, etc.). From there, it's up to the player to say "Hey this works better with how I play," or "No, this isn't worth what I have to give up for it."

    Sadly, though this may have been Valve's intent, they did not implement it well in the medic patch. Two of the weapons (blutsauger, ubersaw) offer minimal trade-offs for substantial bonuses. The third, the Kritzkrieg, is so situational that it's hardly worth the trouble to equip the darned thing when you want it, provided you even know ahead of time when you will want it. Better off to just stay invulnerable with the regular Medigun.

    Anyway, just my two cents, slightly off-topic though it may have been.

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    I do think the knife idea is kind of cool. It would be a good way to mess with medics, but it might have to be more like if you stab them it removes X% of their ubercharge...because if it's backstab = no uber...well you might as well just kill them.

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