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  • Pyro 'Burn baby Buuuuurrrrrn!!!!'

    27 18.75%
  • Engie 'Spy Sappin ma Sentry!'

    15 10.42%
  • Sniper 'BOOOM Headshot!'

    21 14.58%
  • Spy: 'FYI I am a Spy'

    18 12.50%
  • Heavy 'MEDIC!!!!'

    4 2.78%
  • Demoman 'Flying Drunk'

    19 13.19%
  • Medic 'Smell The Uberness!'

    19 13.19%
  • Scout 'BOINK!!!'

    7 4.86%
  • Soldier 'Crit Rocckkket!!!!'

    14 9.72%
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Thread: Favourite Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashman View Post
    Pyro for sure because it's just so satisfying to set people on fire and see them run around in a panic.
    well said.

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    Medic - I'm good at it. I make my team win. I like the Ubersaw.

    Need I say anything else?

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    I voted demo because my stats says so.

    And my stats say so because I almost always play 2fort and when my whole team is attacking and there are no engies in our base I have to take care of the main entrance (stickies) and the battlements entrance (pipe bombs).

    And while playing defense like this I usually stay alive for very long times (half an hour each live aprox.). I don't complain because I blow a whole lot a people.

    But usually when I play I either:

    (a) Look at my 3 less used classes and only play them that day
    (b) Look at my team configuration every time I respawn and pick the class that nobody else is playing

    So all my classes, except the demo, have more or less the same hours.

    Yeah I know.

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    I like spy because it's one of the few classes that allows me to do my own thing. I work better alone.

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    i enjoy the spy... well... because when you backstab someone and you know in the 2 seconds after that, that player is cursing and swearing to himself that he knew that pyro was a spy =DD
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    i would say spy man just because of the fact that you can stab ppl in the back and it makes you feel good

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    Good all-around class and especially nice for 1-on-1 encounters

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    My favorite is Sniper, followed by medic and Spy.

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    I usually go for a class that no one els eon my team is...but scout on convoy just owns lol...speaking of doing to go on it now!

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    Spies are awesome. Its just so frickin funny to imagine how annoyed everyone else is. Especially the killing sprees where you get behind a whole bunch of people and slash 'em down.
    =p =p =p
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