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    Default Joining EdgeGamers

    To join EdgeGamers, please follow the steps below.
    This process takes less then 5 minutes.

    Forum Account Registration
    Registration only takes a few moments of entering your username and password.
    Be sure to use the same name you use in-game.

    [x]Click [HERE] to register for our forums.

    MAUL Registration
    MAUL is our member and admin management system, our games use this system to give our members perks, or administrative powers across our servers.

    [x]Click [HERE] to configure your MAUL. Insert all applicable game ID's. Confused?

    Application For Member
    The final step is to submit your official application.

    [x]Click [HERE]. Fill out the information, and you are all set!

    Questions? Join our Discord and ask any questions in the #helpdesk channel.
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